Becky Deering Brose (RYT 500) began practicing yoga in 2000. She fell in love with the healing effects of vinyasa and yin yoga on the body and the mind.  Prior to practicing yoga, she experienced back, hip, and shoulder pain due to scoliosis and spinal fusion.  Through consistent practice, she is able to stand taller and move fluidly and pain-free (most days:))  She has learned many lessons from her own body.   She shares this with her students by encouraging them to work where they are and to acknowledge the body and mind they are working with on any particular day.  By teaching students to honor their own unique anatomy she helps students to find more freedom in their everyday movements.  

The meditative aspects of the practice provide her with a quiet and still place to take on the challenges of life.  The body can hold physical as well as emotional tension.  She teaches her students to appreciate that they can utilize the physical practice of yoga and conscious attention on the breath to release various stresses,  leaving both the body and the mind with a sense of peace.  

Becky completed a 200 hr teacher training in Hatha Yoga Teaching and Methodology with an emphasis on the Ashtanga Yoga System with Melisa Deane Casses, her 300 hr teacher training in vinyasa yoga with Yogaworks under the mentorship of Sarah Cook,  a yin yoga teacher training with Corina Benner, a restorative yoga teacher training with Cyndi Lee, and is also a mindfulness meditation trainer.  She co-leads vinyasa yoga teacher trainings and a Bikram-inspired Hot Power Fusion yoga teacher training.  As a student she continues to take workshops focused on the healing effects of yoga for the body and the mind.  Some of these include Ashaya Yoga Therapeutics with Todd Norian, Mind-Body Over Mood with Amy Weintraub, Power, Precision, and Mindfulness with Jason Crandell, Ashtanga Yoga Intensive with David Swenson, and Insight with Sarah Powers.

She wants to share the amazing benefits of consistent yoga practice with you so you can experience fluid movement and tranquility both on and off the mat.