Lift Your Spirits Yoga

  • Mondays Hatha 12pm

  • Thursdays Hatha 10am

  • Thursdays Restorative 11am

Lehigh Valley Health Network      Mental Health Clinic                Bethlehem, PA 


Hot Power Fusion

Tuesdays 9:30am

CorePower Yoga English Village North Wales, PA

Power Yoga 2

Tuesdays 12pm

CorePower Yoga English Village   North Wales, PA



Vinyasa Yoga 1

Fridays 7:30am

Emmaus Yoga Emmaus, PA


Yin Yoga


This class utilizes the power of your breath and  yoga to lift your mood and calm your mind.

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Start your day with hot power fusion yoga!  A fun and challenging sequence without the chatarungas to open, stretch, and strengthen the backline and frontline of your body.  105 degrees.  Woooheeee. Enjoy your first week of classes for free.

Stop in at lunchtime and ignite your inner fire. Challenge yourself to get out of your own way and move beyond your imaginary boundaries. Enjoy your first week of classes for free.


Steady your mind while linking your breath with movement. Cultivate balance, strength, and flexibility. $15 drop-in.



A Peaceful Practice of Surrender.  Yin yoga will increase your natural range of motion, improve the flow of energy throughout the body, and increase your emotional wellbeing.  This calming practice consists of floor poses that open and access the body’s connective tissue (ligaments, tendons, fascia) and joints targeting mainly the shoulders, hips, and spine.  During this meditative and still practice, postures will be held passively to allow the deeper tissues of the body to soften and open.  Props may be used to increase the ability to surrender into a pose.  Yin yoga is for anyone looking to expand their range of movement and flexibility and a nice complement to an active yoga practice, athletic program, or active lifestyle.  No experience necessary.  Please arrive with cool muscles and dress in layers.