Personalized, In-home Private Yoga Sessions


Daily life can be busy and stressful and making it to a yoga class may just add to that. That’s why we bring the yoga to you! We specialize in personalized, private yoga sessions in the comfort of your own home. Together we’ll design a personalized yoga program to meet your physical, spiritual, and mental needs. Your yoga time is for your body, heart, and mind.

Our sessions are tailored to your request and can incorporate the following styles:

  • hatha yoga

  • vinyasa yoga/Ashtanga yoga (active, warm, sweaty)

  • yin yoga (slow, meditative practice to improve mobility and mental clarity)

  • restorative yoga (rest the body with props, calm your nervous system)

  • breathwork & mediation

  • chair yoga

In-home private yoga instruction is offered near Coopersburg, Center Valley, Saucon Valley, Hellertown, Quakertown, Emmaus, Allentown, or Bethlehem.

$75-100/60 minute session. Discounts provided for multi-session packages. $20 each additional person.

Please contact Becky to set up an initial consultation. Fill out the form below.

Corporate Yoga: Yoga at work

Yoga has many benefits to your employees' overall wellness. Yoga can help your employees relieve stress, balance their nervous systems, strengthen their bodies, and regulate their immune system. This in turn may lead to happier, healthier, and more productive employees and a pleasant work environment. Please contact me to set up a consultation and discuss how we can bring yoga and/or meditation to your employees.  Please fill out the form below.


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